Thursday, January 12, 2012

Palette & Paint #8

It's time for the P&P  Party! When Thursday rolls around each week I get very excited because it's an opportunity to visit artists blogs and see what they have been up to, and what they use to create their masterpieces. So let's get this party started by looking at what everyone got up to last week!




Tracey - Your Host                                                                                                           

 Now it's your turn...

If you are NEW please read about the P&P Blog Party before linking.

Also have your say on the blog poll {above} about the use/promotion of your SHOWCASE photos on other social sites, voting ends today. The majority of votes will be acted upon.


  1. Hello Tracey!
    Thank you for the presentation of my painting.
    This week, I did not paint to propose. I worked in crochet jewelry and I do not know if you want to present my work, this is here :
    Exemle : presentation of the ball of yarn and the finished necklace?
    (Excuse me again for my bad english!)

  2. Tracey, you can take photos of the ball of yarn and pearls in other post here :
    Have a nice week end Tracey

  3. I was slack and missed the deadline! Oops! Beautiful work from Flo, Stephanie, Andrea and yourself. I will make sure to get organized and put my latest works on this week.