Saturday, January 14, 2012

MPC SPOTLIGHT: Fabric Design

 Eight months ago I started the Monthly Painters Challenge with a group of fellow artists from around the world whose work I admire deeply. It has become a wonderfully supportive arena to share ideas and challenge ones self artistically, and has grown into something that I'm very proud to be a part of.

Each month one of the members choose a topic and all the artists paint without revealing their work or the topic to the public, and the on the 15th of each month they upload their work onto the Facebook page. With the next Monthly Painters Challenge reveal dawning {tomorrow!} I just realised I have not done a spotlight of all the entries from last month, it's seemingly becoming a habit, so without further ado...

Tracey Fletcher King 'Fabric Design' {Read More

Alice Jones    'Chain Link'     {Read More}

Cathryn Backer    'Random'    {Read More}

Tracey Potter  'The Red Dress'   {Read More}

Jaz Higgins  'Tea Party Fabric Swatch'   {Read More}

Eliza Leahy  'Cat's Eye'    

Jennefer Hemery   'Silver on Black'

Sarah Wiske   'Let's Dance'  

Alli Ellacott 'Untitled' 

I can't wait to what all the artists create for this months topic!  They will be uploading their works onto the MPC Facebook Page throughout the day tomorrow, head on over and watch them come in live.

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  1. They look great spotlighted.... or should that be spotlit????... like that... such varied interpretations...we are a clever bunch xx