Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Brushes!

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I splurged today and got some new brushes, I seem to be going through the small detailing brushes at the moment. They are usually the first to go, even more so with my new gesso. It's been a while since I got the single ones from an art shop though, I often use the cheap taklon ones found in packs of 12 or so in various shapes and sizes, you know the ones with a stray hair here and there! You may be looking at the photo and questioning the one on the left, what type of brush is it?  It's technically not a brush, but a colour shaper {used in pastel work}.  I thought I'd give it a go for taking off paint, it looked more effective to me then my worn down hog brushes, because it comes to a point. {I gave it a try when I got home, and I was right, it works a treat!} So here's a list of the brushes I purchased, left to right:

  • TAPER POINT #6 Colour Shaper
  • ROUND #0 Francheville 424 Pure Red Sable 
  • SHORT LINER #5/0 Jasart White Taklon
  • SHORT LINER #10/0 Jasart White Taklon
  • ROUND #3 Francheville 424 Pure Red Sable 
  • ROUND #0 Art Basics 95-R Still Synthetic
  • ROUND #4 Jasart Series BW170 Sable Hair 

Wishing you all a productive week, Tracey xx

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