Friday, October 7, 2011

My day in photos.

'Two Birds Contemplating' hangs on the studio wall.

Weeds in the Garden. I like their colour!

Trying a new priming method from 'Art, Love & Life'

Doing some research into two of my favorite artists.

My copper measuring cups get used today!

In the garden; these just grew of their own accord.

Adding Binder and Plaster.



In the guest room; Artwork by Kitty Horton.

In the garden; this flower brightens my day.

In the guest room; Artwork by me.

Some weeds in the backyard.

Kirra with a Green Hat in the guest room.

Blue tongue lizard on the door mat, basking in sun.

Looking at Valentine, she's almost finished.

The first few shoots of my Chive, grown from seed.

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