Saturday, May 25, 2013

STUDIO UPDATE: It smells a lot like Christmas.

I've got the Oil of Cloves out of the cupboard to keep my paint wet on the palette longer. It smells like, well cloves of course, and it makes me smile and think of Christmas hams, spiced desserts and a relaxed time with family and friends.

So onto this weeks update, a day late, but it's been that kind of week :)  This time last week, I thought that I would  have started painting the trees on the big garden painting, but here I am on Saturday morning and I'm still defining my technique even further. With each practice I do, I keep finding things that can be improved. I did a practice painting with the branches, which I was happy with, then I decided that I could improve on the contrast even further to get more dimension in my trees. I'm still playing around with getting the practices right and am not going to rush into painting on the big canvas until I'm satisfied with the level of finish on the studies.

Small practice clumps to experiment with contrast.

Closeup detail of paint application.

Comparison between my first practice clumps and the recent ones.

Another comparison showing my progress.
This commissioned portrait that was given to the family of the girl in the painting this week.

It joins the commissioned painting of her brother I did last year. 

I'm linking up with Paint Party Friday, even though it's Saturday here, it's Friday somewhere right?
Happy Weekend All! 

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  1. Gorgeous commission pieces!! Wow so impressive!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Those trees a so good, I thought the first ones were great but these are even better. I can't wait to see that painting finished. Love your commission, she looks really happy.

  3. Love the energy in these 'clumps' as you call them. lol At first I thought you were working on hydrangea flowers. Beautiful.

  4. The trees look good, I love your commissioned portraits, they are beautiful.

  5. Your brushstrokes are still strong and precise and the portrait of the girl is lovely. Saludos

  6. Your commission paintings are very impressive! Love them both!

  7. So charming and lovely! =) The family must be proud to own these two artworks of yours! =)

  8. and.. I forgot.. I love the way you're painting the trees and leaves and that you're showing us how :)