Friday, May 31, 2013


It's been a lovely week filled with painting, watching the garden grow, catching up with friends and family over cups of tea, ten pin bowling, exercising, cooking, cleaning and relaxing a home.  This week I feel I've gotten the 'Work, Rest, Play' balance right. 

Here's my week in photos!

I did some more practice clumps and accidentally smudged the paint after I was happy with it.

It was quite quick to fix it up.  Lesson learnt, be more careful!

Another full size practice painting for the 'Garden' painting. 

Cleaned the palette to start fresh.  I'm now using linseed oil in place of oil of cloves.

The final practice before moving onto the big one! 

The top left tree is painted on the big canvas! 

I enjoyed some tea and cake while backing works ready to hang and sell online

Recently we have been re-growing our veggie scraps and the seeds inside the fruits we eat.  It's so rewarding watching plants grow and produce edible delights. We have lettuce, shallots, onions, garlic, bok choy and carrots re-growing.  There is also mango, lemon, passion-fruit, avocado, pumpkin and tomatoes growing, as well as parsley, basil, chives and mint.

This is how I plant this curly leaf variety of lettuce for regrowth. The one at the front was freshly planted in the above image. I've been doing a daily progress photo over on my Facebook personal profile, you can follow along here if you are interested in watching the growth.

Above is the lettuce after a week of re-growing. Can you tell it rained last night?

The morning sun was casting a beautiful shadow on the pot, I just had to take this photo.

The first tomato flowers emerged this morning, so excited!


Our bok choy  re-growth.

I'd like to thank my friends over at Painting Party Friday for their encouragement and support each week I've been back blogging for a month now and all your comment have been helpful. The sense of community is so wonderful! Doing a STUDIO UPDATE each week and sharing it with PPF makes me accountable and also allows for me to reflect on my progress and achievements and hopefully encouraging and inspiring others in the process.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Your trees are coming along so well, they look real when you stand back, just beautiful.

    I didn't realise you can regrow lettuce, I just compost mine, might have to try and regrow some as the guinea pigs and chooks eat so much, it's getting expensive. My veggie patch is quite bare at the moment, so I think it's time to start planting.

    Can't wait to see the garden painting finished.

    1. Von, Thanks for the lovely comment about my painting!

      We have a few different lettuce re-growing. The curly and butter variety (with the roots intact) are planted differently to the cos variety for regrowing. I have not tried iceberg yet.

      For the ones with roots, make sure you leave a few of the smaller center leaves intact otherwise it will not grow. For the cos lettuce you cut off all the top leaves, leaving the 3-4 cm at the bottom for replanting. Then you stick it some water until it starts to have new leaves and then put it in soil. The chooks and guinea pics will enjoy it, so will your wallet:)

      Have a great weekend.

  2. A productive week in the garden and studio... our tomatoes are growing like mad as well... great growing weather I suppose... I am getting excited about seeing the foliage go onto the big canvas... it is going to look fabulous...xx


    1. Glad to hear your tomatoes are growing well, they do seem to like this weather.

      I'm excited to paint more foliage on the big painting and can't wait for it to go on too.
      I think I've got the process down, so just needing to change the colour schemes for the different bushes and paint that straight on.
      *beaming with confidence*

  3. lots of productive work everywhere, thank you for sharing.
    Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Great studies Tracey, Its interesting to see your colour palette. Such a good idea to regrow vegetables and fruits, I have never thought of it:)

  5. Wow thanks for sharing your lovely potted garden and wonderful canvas in progress. Gorgeous!! I have rosemary growing in a pot at my front door...and it's thriving...and looks pretty too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Your work is just stunning -- I love the process shots & seeing how it emerges from the palette!

  7. Gorgeous photos! Your garden painting is amazing. I really love seeing how you did the trees. So much depth and gorgeous color!

  8. I am seriously impressed at your practising greenery before doing it on the actual painting - I'd be worried I'd do it perfectly in practice and then not be able to replicate it on the real painting!! Although looking at how yours is coming along I don't imagine that will be a concern for you!

  9. your paintings are so beautiful, I'm looking forward to seeing the big one completed! Thanks for sharing about regrowing your lettuce, I will have to try that sometime. We have some lettuce in our garden, but it's starting to get to warm and I'm planning to cut it all up this week. It only really grows well here in the winter months. Happy PPF!

  10. Wonderful WIP! Your pics are so gorgeous! <3

  11. These are beautiful! Love your post :)