Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blasts From The Past!

Taking photos (particularly of older paintings) on a Wednesday afternoon is becoming quite the habit. This time I decided to photograph some of my oils from the Studio Sale to show you all how they are framed and what size they are.

Leaves in the Garden.

 Plant Cutting from Mum

Pomegranate Child 

The cute tea cup was a gift from good friend (blogger and AMAZING artist Tracey Fletcher King), it's beautiful and makes the perfect accompaniment to reference the size of each painting.

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  1. Happy to see the tea cup making an appearance in your photos... I have my cutting that you made for me on a shelf in the studio ... have never painted it though as I think yous captured it perfectly... xx

  2. Your paintings are so beautiful, I've always admired them. I was just thinking what a gorgeous cup and saucer and then read that Trace had given it to you. That lady sure knows her tea and teacups. I've been away from the net for a while but now I have two new computers, so I'll be checking in more often.
    My favourite painting would be the cutting from mum, just perfect.

  3. your plant from your mum.. in the water of the glass I can see the reflections of one person, how fun! =)

    and the last one.. she looks alike my doll from when I was born and grow up :)

    I also like the girl showing up the two different leaves! :)