Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cleaning Brushes with Vinegar and Bi-carb Soda.

Finishing one painting and starting another, I like to clean off my palette and clean all my brushes.  I'm the worst at brush maintenance, every time I do a big clean, I tell myself I'm going to be better at the whole cleaning thing and not leave my brushes in turps overnight(s).

But atlas, I'm finding myself having to do the big brush clean again. The brushes are not all that bad, no dried paint in the hairs which I was expecting. I put them in warm water and vinegar and added some bi-carb Soda.  They are soaking at the moment and I'll clean rinse them in 30 mins or so.
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  1. oh what a great idea Tracey!!!! thanks for sharing this with us!!

  2. didn't know you could clean them this way... so much better than turps... going to give it a go I think...xx

  3. hehe, when I go to bed, I take my brushes with me on the way to the bathroom, I clean myself and all the little brushheads also...so we can sleep cosy and clean ;)