Friday, November 23, 2012

A Quick Studio Update.

It's been a super busy couple of weeks, though I have had very good intentions of sharing often with you what I've been doing in the studio, it has not happened, some days I wish I was more like my friend Tracey who is a super hero when it comes to blog posts (and fitting in all those other things into everyday life too).  I'm not talking about my alter ego, I'm actually talking about a REAL person, with the same name as me. Her posts are funny, feature beautiful artwork and are a must read, and she does post often... well enough talking and time to take a little step towards where I want to go, and that is to write a blog post, and actually post something, even if it is only short and sweet. 

I've been working away on a commission painting (which I can't show you),  as well as adding more to number 4 in my Bayside series (below) and also fixing up a few frames.

Ekk, I'm cringing at the quality of this photo, I do need to get a better camera to take photos of my larger paintings, this is just not doing it justice...

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1 comment:

  1. Funny that you gave Tracey a shout out here...I popped over here from the comments section of her last post! I think we all wish we were as energetic as she is!
    I love this painting. The composition and colors are just beautiful! I'd love to just jump right into that scene and relax under that lovely green umbrella today!