Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Studio Update: Catching you up.

It's been a very productive week this week with lots of painting happening.  I've had many things I've wanted to share with you on my blog, and I'm only now finding the time to do so (do you know how that is?) This post was originally called 'the difference in colour' and I was going to talk solely about what a huge difference the colour (tone, intensity and temperature) of a background makes to a portrait. However as I said, lots has happened in the studio since my last post so I've opted to do a quick photo with caption post to catch you up, we are mostly visual people after all, aren't we?

Day 12 of 29 Faces

Day 13 of 29 Faces

Monthly Painters Challenge Painting for 'Opposite Colours'.

I'm feeling very honored to have won!

My Palette last Thursday for Palette & Paint

Day 15 for 29 Faces

Day 16 of 29 Faces

 Day 17, 18, 19 & 20 of 29 Faces

Day 21 of 29 Faces

Day 22 of 29 faces - Self Portrait Finished! 

I'd like to thank you all for your lovely comments on my blog and let you know that I read your comments and visit your blogs when you do comment, even if sometimes I do not comment myself.

Happy Creating, Tracey.

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  1. Your landscape is truly a winner!!!
    I've never see you do this type of subject and you do it vwery well!!!

    1. Thank you Peggy, this is my first landscape, I wanted to try something different. I have in mind to do more. In comparison to portrait paintings they are quick and there is more room for playfulness and error.

  2. Congratulations on your win. I can see why you won, it is fabulous. I am amazed at the difference a background can make. The colour really does change the whole portrait. I will have to put more thought into my backgrounds in the future.

    1. Thanks Von, the landscape was lots of fun to do. I was very surprised myself at the difference the background colours made. There are so many subtle difference in colour in the skin tone and they are picked up or enhanced by the colours around them.