Friday, May 11, 2012

It's MOI, I'm painting a self portrait

My palette, for P&P

This photo was taken on Thursday, but I didn't get a chance to post.  I mix my paint on a glass frame. I've been using this method for a few weeks now, and I'm really enjoying it.  Did you notice?  It's a new frame (I accidentally cracked the other one). I like this one better as it's bigger and has a very pretty frame. 


Day 7 of 29 Faces

I started by mapping out the composition, following John Howard Sanden's 29 Steps. This one is a self portrait, they are really tough to do, have you experienced that? I really struggled with getting the foundations right, this photo is the second version, I had to wipe out what I first did as the proportions were all wrong. In Sanden's book he mentions that Sargent apparently had no problem wiping out his work (often several times) and starting fresh and he urges his students to do the same if the under painting is not structurally sound - I'm paraphrasing of course :) I'm not sure of his exact words. 


Day 8 of 29 Faces 

I Blocked in the dark and mid tones. I really long for the day when I can do a portrait in one sitting, I see lots of inspiring videos of other artist doing it (and Sanden does his studies in one and half hours) and to think, this is sitting two and it's still not even close!


Day 9 of 29 Faces

I might regret this in the morning, but I just could not resist to take a photo of the progress on my self portrait. I know the photo quality is bad, the conditions were bad, wet oil and un-natural light make for really horrible photos, and usually I would not put this out there with  my name on it, but I just couldn't resist sharing, as I'm a little behind on the 29 Faces as it is. It's day 11.

I'm also sharing with my friends over at Paint Party Friday. Do go and visit, there are so many wonderful creative folk who share and artist Stephanie Corder (an exceptional painter) is being interviewed this week over on the blog for PPF, do check it out, her work is incredible!

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  1. Your glass palette looks interesting! I'm pretty sure it's some genius art formula. The painting is looking great!

  2. Great to see the different steps in the process. I love the third one, with the different colours! It will be interesting to see the final version. I'm still hoping to try out oils one day, but something always seems to come in between. Happy PPF!

  3. Ooops started to use other comment section ~ Your self portrait is coming along excellently ~ Wow! ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  4. I always love to see paintings in progress like this - it is going to be stunning!

  5. Oh no regrets please- self portraits are HARD! And it's also hard to share WIP's- I know this from experience ;) I personally love to see other artist's under painting work! I actually thought of you and your wonderful skin tones all last week while I was working on that portrait....this is going to be as gorgeous as all your other work!
    P.S. I'm so glad my little angel painting is coming home with you!

  6. Oh and I forgot to say thanks for the shout out- made my day!!!

  7. Looks great, Tracey. Good for you for getting Sanden's methods down. Hard, but in the end so very worth the investment. Happy PPF

  8. wonderful to see your portrait unfold.
    i have been enjoying hearing about your learning experiences.

  9. Portrait looking good, wet paint and what not, but I love the bold colors and strokes on the last image!

  10. I agree that self-portraits are SO HARD! I love seeing your process, and to me it looks just GREAT!

  11. It looks so great!!!! Keep it up... you're fabulous!
    Happy PPF...

  12. Great start, Tracey. I once did a self portrait in watercolors. when I finished I discovered that if I covered one side, it was me. If I covered the other side, it was my sister. I never framed it and it still sits jeering at me from my stack of unframed watercolors.

  13. Beautifully done..wonderful
    Happy PPF

  14. so glad to SEE you!
    Portrait is so you!!!!!
    Your style shines!

  15. Loving anyone WIP. I could learn so much from it. Thank you for sharing!

  16. loving your work in

  17. Interesting to use a glass palette. I have been using a slick plyboard and it works fine; just toss when too messy!

    I like your faces, too.

  18. This is coming out great. Can't wait to see the finished self portrait!

  19. I have never been brave enough to attempt a self portrait, so this is doubly impressive to me.