Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lessons Learned


Day 10 of 29 Faces

Last night, I was on a role with my self portrait, and I painted into the evening using a bulb with a  yellow tinge in my desk lamp as additional light, so I could see what I was doing more clearly.  This was a big mistake, as I've woken up this morning to find my colors looking quite different to how I left them, the intensity is no longer there and the value has changed too. I will have to purchase a day light bulb for the lamp if I paint at night again.


Day 11 of 29 Faces

Believe it or not, the above photo was taken in the morning in soft natural light after I did another sitting to establish my nose, lips and chin shape. I did not add any paint to the background or hair since the previous sitting (top photo) and if you compare the two photos, you will notice the difference in the color intensity and value.  I've been pushing the paint around a lot to bring my features out, the paint has gotten quite muddy as a result, Oil tends to do that the more you push it around, but to make matters worse, I didn't clean my brushes between doing my Monthly Painters Challenge piece and starting this painting, so I was running out of clean brushes and cleaning them roughly in turps and re using them. Big mistake number two.  Sanden says to have plenty of brushes at the ready and that cleaning them in just turps does not get out all the pigment stuck up in the top of the bristle closes to the Ferrel, so you will get cross contamination, ie. mud.  I'm paraphrasing again of course :)  So I have my work cut out for me today to bring out the light and add some lush brush strokes. The good news is, that the form is mostly worked out and I'm happy with the proportions and If I work on this face today, I will be all caught up with the 29 faces!

Do go and visit the month long party, and see what all the other lovely creatives are doing. Happy weekend!

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  1. Just saw the newest update on FB- and while I loved the red background; it did bring out the greens of the under painting. I like the more neutral background much better! Of course, I know you were only painting to please me ;)

  2. I'd know that face anywhere. Beautiful work Tracey!

  3. I wouldn't have thought there could be such a difference in colours with bulbs, amazing isn't it. Your painting is still wonderful. I used kero to clean my brushes, seemed to do a good job and was cheaper than turps. I did use the brush scrubber pasty stuff after I finished a painting though. Much easier to clean now I use acrylics.

    I love the way you use different colours to make up the skin, it looks fantastic. Knew it was you as soon as I saw it, just lovely.

    1. Von, Cleaning brushes is a pain, but must be done. I use odorless turps in my brush washer as Kero is way to over powering in smell and then I use disolve paste and Davinci soap to clean and condition my brushes thoroughly. (I should do it more often than I do, because often I leave my brushes in turps and it cause chaos to the hair and Ferrels.

      Glad you recognized me!