Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Seeing Values and using Oil of Cloves

I'm mixing different ratios of Ivory Black and Tit. White, making a tonal chart to use as reference for my paintings - as outlined in John Howard Sanden's 'Painting the Head in Oils' book. 

I've done a very similar tonal/value study before, but I wanted to do it again using the the same method as Sanden, because he refers to this 'swatch' in later mixing combinations.

Also, on Friday, I voiced concern about the oils I was pre-mixing and storing in jars drying up. After doing some research, I found out that Oil of Cloves is the solution. Lucky I had some in the house for killing mold!

I smeared a drop under the lid (not into the paint) and rubbed it in with a cotton-bud. The fumes seem to be doing their job as the paint had not developed a film/skin and are looking very lush and wet after four days.

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  1. I know nothing about oil paints Tracey but I learn so much from just reading your wonderful blog. I've only ever used oil of cloves for a toothache lol!

    1. Lesley,

      Someone else told me Oil of Cloves is good for a toothache, which I thought was unusual because of the labeling warning not to ingest,I thought it would be hard not to swallow while it's in your mouth. I have taken a closer look at the bottle and it says "for temporary relief of toothache" You can probably see the words in the photo, they are a bit blurry, it's on the front of the bottle under the words "Oil of Cloves'. Good to know, but lets hope I don't have to use it for a toothache.