Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Firstly, a big THANK YOU for all your well wishes last week, I'm feeling so much better now.

My Palette on the painting easel

Just a quick one this week for WOYWW, above is what's on my desk (at 7pm on Wednesday - apologies for the photo quality and quantity, I'm relying on artificial light, I did take several snaps through the whole process, but they were not usable). Any how, I did say I'd keep it short...

 Photo of last weeks desk

I'm doing some color studies from John Howard Sandens 'Painting the Head in Oil' book (the one I was studying last week-image above). Today, I've done color samples of his grey colors (using many different color combinations) in two different shades.  I'm using the color value chart (done with ivory black and tit. white) I did yesterday to compare the values of my colorful grey mixes. It's so nice to have so much mixing room and an organized palette!  I'm having lots of fun with this!

Make sure you pop on over to WOYWW and have a snoop around :)

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  1. Hi seeing what's on your desk. I love your artsy tea cup too! Sorry to hear you weren't' feeling well...glad you are better. :-)

    1. Thanks for the visit Becca. The teacup was a gift from my family, I got the whole set! The picture on it is by Gustav Klimt, one of my favourite artists.

      Happy WOYWW

  2. hey ,... that's a Klimt....on the artsy cup .....

    glad to hear you are feeling better... I've been feeling crappy for weeks too and just getting a bit better is taking it's sweet time to get gone...and I hate being under the weather... here's to better health for us all....


  3. How interesting. I've never seen a palette like that. I guess the ones I've seen, with little "wells" for the paint, are meant more for watercolors. You must be working with thicker paints. Happy WOYWW. ~ Laura #118

  4. Last Friday I made gray out of black and white. I was surprised at the range of grays I got from it. Mine all looked gray, though, and some of yours looks a bit brownish. Happy Easter and happy WOYWW from # 6.

  5. Love color mixing my own colors, always suprises me the difference that adding just a smidge of white/black and other colors can make.

    Claire #85

  6. Love the palette mixing - I love having greys in my collection, though I use markers not paints, they add so much and change tone so well. Take care, it's Friday and I'm still snooping my way through the list! Zo xx 78

  7. Sorry I'm a bit late this week! Fabulous artwork, happy easter x
    Sophie no.72