Thursday, February 23, 2012

Palette & Paint: Multi-tasking

It's been quite a productive day in the studio, I've been switching between painting, planning and preparing. My palette is getting quite a few new colours added to it {cad. orange and white is a new  favourite of mine, it makes the most lovely pink}, I'm running out of room on my disposable palette,  soon I'll need to start a new sheet.

I snapped a photo of the paintings I'm currently working on and my palette to share with my fellow artist for P&P. The painting in the top left is one I just started, I know, it has a hand in it, what was I thinking? Hands trip me up, I'm struggling to find the courage and motivation to finish the hands in the painting on the right. I'll have to tackle that fear head on tomorrow when I mix up some fresh skin colours. It's too late in the day (it's after 5:30pm) to start now.

I've also been mixing up some more absorbent ground and continuing with preparing more supports for me to paint on, I want to have a surplus of boards to work on if the inspiration strikes, as the whole preparation process can take many days from start to finish.

  It's actually quite wonderful to have so many blank boards to paint on.

Oh the possibilities!


  1. Painting is such a great way to introduce about your description of ideas. Your prints are so bright and full of colours. Your photos evocative, your choice of books wonderful.

  2. I LOVE the subject matters you choose- they are so wonderful! And of course, I love your color choices too; incredibly rich and vibrant!

  3. What a great idea to have these all ready! I so love your faces and love the leaves in those chubby little fingers. your color mixing is gorgeous!
    Can't wait to see more!

  4. Thanks you for your lovely comments Peggy, Stephanie and Mopeds. xx

  5. I love seeing the WIP paintings! Such fun to see how others work. :) Happy Weekend!

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