Saturday, January 28, 2012

Up For A Challenge or Two: Colour and Faces

You know me, I'm always up for a challenge, so when I heard about Louise's Colour Challenge 2012 and Ayala's 29 Faces Challenge, I got really excited, though I'm a bit time poor and was at first hesitate to take on more commitments. This morning, I thought what the heck, I'll give it a go. What do I have to loose? So I sat down and did this quick sketch just to test the waters, and guess what? I'm going to jump in the deep end and splash around with all the other participants. This is going to be fun!

 ipad Sketch of Marilyn

January 2012 Colour Spectrum


I decided I would take the opportunity to play more with painting on the ipad for these challenges and do some quick portraits.  Painting on the ipad is a fast, non messy way to create and it's portable, so I can do it on the couch, while sitting at the table or while traveling. I can do a little bit here and there throughout the day too, it's very easy to put down. 

View the other participants of the Colour Challenge on Flickr

I think it's great to to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things! As an artist I think it's fundamental to push the boundaries and experiment with different techniques, subject mater, colours, and ways of viewing things, as this results in a practice that develops. There is always room for improvement, not matter what your skill level is, and if you're not willing to learn new things or look at things from a different perspective than your work will be static and you will end up painting the same thing the same way and not get any better.

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I'm sharing my ipad painting over on Sweet Saturdays and Artist in Blogland too, they are great place to visit on a Saturday to see sweet things and beautiful art.  See you at the there?


  1. WOW!! An amazing post and piece!! You did a great job!

  2. Tracey I love this face, I just came via Martha's 29 faces linky & think I'll join in too, love the colours & the way it just feels like you caught a fleeting moment :)

  3. I'm thinking of jumping in to the 29 February Faces Challenge myself! It sounds both fun, and not a little daunting! My big hesitation is the effort I know that will have to go into the taking of and uploading of pics, posting, etc etc -- I must say your solution of working on your ipad sounds ideal really! In any case, I'll definitely be following your progress -- wishing you much luck!


  4. gosh you've really become good with your Ipad, lovely Marilyn. And great advice about stepping out of one's comfort zone...easier said than done for me!

  5. I agree that you need to try new things in order to grow... as an individual, artist, or whatever :) I loved your ipad drawing... digital art is so fun, seeing as how there is never a mess to clean up afterwards!

  6. This is very tempting....I'll see what happens on Feb 1st if I can commit =)

  7. Oh Wow! Love your post too! Your ipad painting is so cool! I had no idea you could paint on an ipad! Thanks for sharing.:)

  8. Tracey what is your favorite drawing/painting app? This is great by the - the emotion that you can express when you paint is amazing!

    1. Thanks Lori, your works about my painting are touching.

      I used Artrage for the above sketch and a Nomad brush. You can get Artrage here:

      Other Art Apps I've used:

    2. Your words :) must be time for a tea break :)

  9. Looking forward to seeing all the great faces that everyone will create, fun challenge for sure!