Monday, January 30, 2012

Sketching up?

This morning I was asked for advice on sketching up paintings. I thought you may also be curious and keen to hear some ideas of how to go about transferring an image from a photo or sketch to a larger canvas or board.

While I primarily sketch directly from a photograph or reference image, I sometimes use my make-shift calipers {for smaller paintings} to check measurement ratios. This video explains it further:

The other method you could use, is to grid up the image as explained in the below video.

I've done this before when I sketched up some cloth ready to paint. Griding up the image is a time intensive exercise, but it gives accurate results. Personally I don't like the grid showing through my work, and I can never get rid of all the eraser marks from the grid, so I don't usually use this  method

Sketching Fabric

I hope this helps :)

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