Monday, July 11, 2011

Look Mum, I got a new toy!

A little while ago I was watching this video on getting the likeness in portraiture and the tutor was using calipers for measuring the proportions, and I thought I need to get me one of those. For the last few weeks I've used one I made with two brushes and a rubber band, it worked well, but when I saw these today I had to buy them. 2 for $2, how could you go wrong?

They work great for small measurement, but any larger then 7cm and you are up a creek.  I will be using them for smaller paintings and using the makeshift brush setup for my larger work until I come across the 'real deal'.  Just wondering does anyone else use calipers for their work and also does anyone know where to get an artist caliper from like in the video?

Hope you all have a productive week.

Amended: I forgot to mention they are Cheat Chopsticks for eating Sushi :)
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