Friday, July 8, 2011

A Home Studio Visit with Artist Tracey Fletcher King.

Tracey Fletcher King is a local artist who does lovely botanical work and beautiful abstract collages. Today I had the pleasure of having a cuppa (or two) with her in her newly decked out entertainment area (pictured below). 

Tracey is a fellow Monthly Painters Challenge member. We are working on our June pieces in secret until the big reveal over on Facebook on the 15th so we had to hide our images from each other.  Tracey did a fantastic job at concealing hers and you will be happy to know I did not see her June piece, even though I was hoping for an accidental glimpse :)  It's like Christmas every month, waiting to see what everyone produces. Below is Tracey's first challenge piece from last month, isn't it wonderful? I can't wait to see what she does this time around! And no I did not look under her bed for that 'accidental glimpse' :)

I also got a tour of her home and studio space and got to see some of her work in the flesh including the botanical one she is working on at the moment (below), It's amazing!  I wish I took my camera, because her home and studio space is wonderful, it's warm, welcoming and everywhere you looked there is something pretty to captured the eye. 

We chatted for hours about art and life. It was so lovely and very inspirational. We exchanged books and videos on art too!  Oh and I also got to see how Tracey makes her necklaces! Aren't they so pretty? 

You can get some of her originals, prints, cards and necklaces at The Collective Store.

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