Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunshine, Flowers, Inspiration, my Palette and a Painting Update.

Today I woke up to SUNSHINE! We have been having a stormy cold rainy day followed by a bright sunshiny day of late, the plants are loving it and so am I.

Some Herbs I'm growing on the windowsill.

A Vase of Flowers, 
I'm thinking of the Vases in Saragen't paintings,
and may add something similar to my portrait.
Some inspiration, love the colours and the images,
been flicking through these as I work on my latest painting.

My Palette. I've got the thicker Gel Medium out, 
its great for thick buttery paint application.


I've added a room to give the image more depth, 
I know I've only got a few days, what was I thinking, hey?

I was thinking of tying it back to the Sargent painting called  'Ena and Betty Daughters of Asher and Mrs Wertheimer' and giving the painting more meaning and interest. I know it's risky this late in the game, but I'm up for a challenge and I think it will make the image.

Well time to pick up the paintbrush again,  wishing you a productive day!

Tracey xx

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  1. Love the self portrait Tracey... and I love looking at people's palettes. xx

  2. It has been a lovely day, hasn't it?! I've been meaning to start a new painting for a few days - sunny skies is as good a reason enough as any, right?!
    Looking good Tracey x

  3. It's such a messy palette Trace, but what mine typically looks like. I will have to start a fresh on a new sheet from my disposable palette soon, as I'm running out of mixing room. I usually take any blobs of wet oil paint and transfer them to the next sheet.

    Chrissy, it has been such a lovely day. Sunny skies sounds like a great reason to start a painting. Liked your blog post this morning, pricing is a hard one.