Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet Sarah Wiske

I first met Sarah Wiske back in 2009 on Facebook.  I'm not sure how it all happened, whether I befriended her or the other way around, all I can remember is admiring her work and exchanging messages with her about painting techniques. Recently we even had a skype chat together, that was so wonderful.  I follow Sarah's art on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and love watching her work progress! This week Sarah took the time to have a chat with me about her art, life and universe!

Who is Sarah Wiske?  
I’m a lover, a wife, a friend, bursting with the need to create and help others. I am a 27 year old Artist. I am a very happy person.  My passion lies in creating original pieces. I am a very passionate person. I grew up in a small town called White Pine, TN in the States. I have three brothers.  

In six words describe your practice.
Bright, colorful, bold, feminine, inspiring, spiritual

How long have you been creating and how did you get started?
I have created art all my life. My parents said at two years old, I wouldn’t put down my red crayon and I was constantly drawing. They said I wanted to color for hours. At five years old I told everyone that I wanted to be an Artist when I grew up. I even dressed up in my plastic preschool vest and held paintbrushes in White Pine School’s Kindergarten parade! My Grandmother worked at a nursing home and a woman there named Sarah Watson inspired me to be an artist. She was a fabulous woman, gushing with talent and full of laughter.  I like to think she was the glue that bound me to art.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?  
Inspiration is lurking everywhere in my world.  I am inspired by life. The only question is can I get a pen soon enough to write it all down before it flees??  I am truly inspired by God, the clouds and all the bright designs they make when the sun clings to it, bright flowers, my Artist friends, my husband, and my family and friends. I also love high fashion magazines to look for their color and composition but most of my inspiration is found in nature. 

Who are the people that influence and inspire you? 
God, my parents, my husband, my best friend Christi and pretty much all my close friends!!
Artists: Salvador Dali, Picasso, Tracey Potter, Bec Winnel, Charmaine Olivia, and Danny Roberts

What has been the highlight for you over the last year?
The highlight for me was when I was asked to participate in a few international art shows. What a thrill to know that my works would be hung for people thousands of miles away to see in person!

What are your experiences with being involved in the MPC?
MPC for me has been a fabulous experience. I am honored to be included with so many amazingly talented Artists. I am so lucky to be included to because I live in the USA. I love watching every 15th to see all the great pieces made from one word. It has widened my perspective on creating. Every painting I have done for this challenge so far has been completely different.  I love the support everyone gives each other too.

Where to next? What's on the Horizon?
Sky is the limit. I am hoping to show in some galleries soon. A fabulous salon my friend is opening is showing my art very soon.  I am looking forward toward many more artistic endeavors.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Sarah, You are so lovely, positive, encouraging and inspirational!

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  1. Great to get to know more about Sarah and loved seeing all of her work throughout... they are really lovely!

  2. Great interview! I loved Sarah's latest MPC piece - so colourful and happy. I also loved how she listed "Tracey Potter" as an artistic inspiration! :)

  3. I loved that bit about me being inspirational too Jaz, it made me go ahh ( the flattered kind). I just want to touch Sarah's MPC piece, wax has such a beautiful quality and her use of colour and pattern is beautiful.

  4. Thank you so much Tracey K, Jaz, & Tracey P!! I truly appreciate it. I am inspired by your work too. :) Thanks again for the interview. I can't wait to see what you all come up with for the MPC.