Tuesday, August 16, 2011

HAPPINESS - The July MPC topic.

It's that time again, well yesterday it was, my does the time fly around so quickly.

Yesterday the Monthly Painters Challenge topic was announced (it was HAPPINESS) and most of our artists shared their interpretations of the subject - there were a few who due to illness or lack of internet did not post an image yesterday (Please send your well wishes and happy thoughts to them for quick recoveries).

A big thanks to Sarah Wiske for picking the topic, it was a great one, one that got me thinking from the very get go. Even though I had an idea right from the beginning, unlike some of the other artists, I did not start mine until the later part of the month and was still working on it up until 3pm yesterday, It's still not finished as I could not get our faces -particularly mine- right, I'll have to go back into it once it is dry.

I thought I knew what happiness was, and then I met my husband and I really knew what it was. Walking through life with my husband by my side is what makes me happy, so when the topic was announced I knew immediately what I was going to paint this month.  I thought it would be fitting too, considering we were celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary this month.  Below are some details of the painting as it was submitted yesterday.

Pop on over to the page and see what the other artist have created, there are some great images of happiness. Also you can check out the MPC mentions on this blog to find out more about the group and it's artists.

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