Friday, August 19, 2011

The self portrait gets more paint.

I've done some more on the self portrait today, after watching lots of Wyanne's videos, I've approached this painting a lot more freely, I have even let the paint run in some areas!  The light splotches in the background are from the shadow of a tree, they came up when I took the photo. I think it's a nice touch and will try to incorporate something similar into my painting.

This is not the full painting, I have my hands on my hips in this painting, I have purposely left out the hands in the above image because I smudged one with a rag I was using to wipe off paint on the shirt, mega doh. Things happen for reasons, and this little mistake has allowed me to look more closely at the shape, size and structure of the hand.  I'll show you a picture of the whole painting when I'm happy with the hand. In the mean time,  I will leave you with and image of the smudge.

This is a sign, it must be time for a break, a pot of chai (Organic Black Chai by Floating lotus, I got it from The Collective Store during the week and its devine! ) is calling me and this painting is also calling me, I will sit and stare at it for a little while while sipping tea, looking for things I like and things I don't, enjoy your afternoon and your weekend, it is FRIDAY after all. 

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  1. Noooo!!! The poor hand. Hate hands at the best of time so having to repaint would be like torture for me! Sure it will come together after some tea, after all it does fix everything in my opinion!

  2. :) Things happen for reasons, it's probably for the best. The tea break was great, contemplating a painting over tea is so, so helpful.