Friday, July 15, 2011

June's MPC Submissions.

All the June Monthly Painters Challenge (MPC for short) submissions are in! I'm excited, they are all so unique yet I can see many similarities within each artists interpretation of the topic RITUAL.  I uploaded my painting this morning in this album (the other artist did too) and I also did this blog post with photos of the details and some words about my painting.  Here's a photo if you missed it:

Tracey Grgic Potter 
Dove Love
Oil on Board

Below are images of all the pieces and links to each artist's blogs. Go over and check out their blogs, some of the artist have done blog posts about their June paintings.

Tracey Fletcher King
 Starting the Day
Mixed Media on Paper

Brisbane, Australia.

Louisa Janke
 The Beauty Regime of Louisa Jane
Photographic Image

Ipswich, Australia

Jaz Higgins 
Totem Dolls
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Brisbane, Australia

Sarah Wiske
 My Strength
Acrylics & Inks on Wood Panel


Alice Jones
 Seven Thirty
Acrylic on Canvas

New Zealand

Maxine Stibbe
Morning Ritual
Oil on canvas
Cathryn Backer
"Ted and Dot Go North for the Winter" Gray Nomads
Acrylic on stretched canvas

If you would like to know more about the group and how it started see this blog post: Monthly Painter Challenge - The Beginnings

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