Monday, July 18, 2011

Painting Hands

Last week I set out to familiarise myself with capturing a hand in paint and learn as much as I could about depicting those appendages on the end of our arms, the hands!  For some reason I thought I had not painted hands before, but I totally forgot about these watercolour paintings I did about a year ago...


... It's all coming back to me now, I remember doing some study on DaVinci's golden means and the divine proportions. Here's a drawing I did up outlining the divine proportions.

There is a lot of information about drawing hands, but not that much on the actual painting of hands. As my husband put it though, if you know how to draw hands, you know how to paint them, painting is just drawing but in colour, having the proportions correct is fundamental.

Here is a helpful video I watched on Drawing a hand:

Tutorial: How to draw hands Part 1

Tutorial: How to draw hands Part 2

With the lack of 'how to paint hands' videos, or my lack of finding them, I decided to take a look at how other artist paint hands. I focused on the more painterly approach to depicting a hand. Here are some of them:




With all this information at hand (pardon the pun) and a great reference photo (of my friend Lisa who was my hand model) I set out to paint my first hand in oil, here is what I ended up doing:



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