Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Studio Update

Over the past two weeks I have been focused on painting my second portrait painting from the 'Fruit Head Royalty' series.  You can find images of this painting at different stages on my Facebook page in this album. The painting morphed and changed so much during the course of the last few weeks, but here is how it ended up.

I'm happy with how this painting turned out, it was a huge learning curve, new skills and working procedures where gained during this painting, and ideas for new paintings also arose. I would like to do a painting or two of people I know, and try to get a likeness to the sitter. I'm also wanting to play around with Da Vinci golden means formula to came up with figures based on his ratios of perfection. I'm also thinking of other objects and costumes, as well as including more of the torso and adding subtle backgrounds. So many possibilities are flying through my head!

As with 'Not Your Ordinary Madam' I could have worked more on this painting ('Kirra with a Green Hat'), given the time. This one is to be entered into an art prize too, I was working on a deadline, which meant I needed to call it finished.  This posses a question, when do you call a work of art finished? And is it really ever finished?  As Jasmine from Art by Jaz said "I once heard that a painting is never really finished, the artist simply has to stop somewhere (Quote from here)". What are your thoughts?

Over the last few weeks I started working on a paint by numbers. I know, you may think paint by numbers are only for beginners and that I already know how to paint.  I believe that going back to basics and approaching painting from a totally different angel is very helpful, insightful and beneficial.

Having a predetermined composition with pre-mixed colours to fill in each section with,  has made me think more about planing out my images and how I go about my initial sketch.  I've just began the process of colouring-in the paint by numbers image, and I'm finding it very relaxing, not a great deal of thought needs to go into it, as the decision making process has been eliminated, all I have to do is dip the brush in the paint pot, then find the numbers that correspond with the colour on the painting and colour between the lines. 

My working process is usually not predetermined and changes as I work through the image, it is never fixed and if I change my mind on the positioning or colour or anything else I have no qualms in repainting. Though I would never want to lose this free quality to my work, I do wish to put more time into planning and have an image mostly worked out before I start painting.

I also started another painting this week, but I'll tell you all about it a little later and reveal it when it's finished. All I can say is that I'm trying something new (whats new?).

Coming up later this week will be some link love and the first of (hopefully) many post about artist I'm inspired by, I'm thinking of calling the series 'Im in Awe of...".

Have a great week all, I'll speak a little later, it's now time to get dinner ready :)

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