Monday, April 18, 2011

Studio Update

I had a busy painting week last week and I'm excited to say that I made the deadline and finished the bird mask painting!

Along the way, I rediscovered both Golden Clear Tar Gel and Oil paints. I must say I enjoyed getting the oils out to finish this painting, and will be doing my next painting using the same method: acrylic under painting to nut out the image (because I do a lot of re-painting and waiting for the oil to dry is impracticable) and then finishing in lush oils. Below is the finished painting which now has a title thanks to all the wonderful people who contributed to the Facebook poll, its called "Not Your Ordinary Maddam", a very fitting title I think.
 So with "Not Your Ordinary Maddam" finished, I was eager to paint another in the series.  This morning I started the below painting, it is in the exciting early stages, at the moment she is looking a bit like Angelina Jolie, it must be her big lips. I was inspired by watching countless painting videos on You Tube to under paint the whole board with a transparent yellow, allowing for the yellow glow to come through the painting. I usually just paint straight onto the gesso (white). Also last week I struggled with proportions and had to do some re painting of the facial features, I've gain experience from this and for the latest painting I used the grid system as a guide to sketched the under painting. I then used Burnt Umber mixed with glazing gel, my long standing favourite colour and medium combination to sketch with.

I'm not sure where this one is going, I feel it is missing something, I did have a Frida bird on the shoulder, the one from this painting, but it did not sit well, I'm thinking another bird mask? not sure. though.

Now for some Link Love: Only one this week, but well worth a look!


Incredible Video!
Vermeer: Master of Light - Girl with the Red Hat.

Wishing you all a fun filled week!

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  1. Arg...I worked it out, I did not like her face, I wanted her eyes to pop, to be big and expressive, the facial features in the above sketch are not getting me excited, I feel like I can't do anything with it. The guava head piece is the most interesting part of the painting at the moment and I feel if I leave the painting how it is, it will destruct the eye from the figure in the painting. So I have re sketched her face and also her positioning/clothing. I'm liking it much more now.