Friday, June 11, 2010

For the love of red!

I put a lovely jar of red Geraniums from the garden on my studio
desk this week and got to thinking about how much I like the colour
RED!  I have a red toaster and jug set, a red rubbish bin, my favorite
scarf and heels are red, the secondary colour of our wedding is red,
white being the first colour.  It's no wonder red finds it's way into my paintings.

1. LIVE AUCTION: 'La Passion'.

This painting is based on the image with the same name by Carlos Schwabe and is part of my series called 'Famous Birds' where I use well known paintings as inspiration and paint the characters as birds. 

For the first time ever, I am holding a live auction through my Facebook fan page and 'La Passion', my most recent painting is the artwork up for grabs. Simply leave a comment under the photo of 'La Passion' in my Facebook album with your bid. The highest bidder when the auction ends pays the winning bid. Postage for Facebook fans within Australia will be free and payment can be made through Paypal or Bank Transfer.  This auction ends Wednesday 23rd June 2010 at 12pm (EST). Please note that this is Thursday, 24 June 2010 at 10am for those in  Queensland, Australia, where I will be announcing the winning bid from.

2. FAN SPECIAL:  'Two Birds'.

Also based on a famous painting, this time by my painting idol Gustav Klimt. I thought the painting was called 'Two Women', that's why I called my painting 'Two Birds'.  After further investigation though I discovered that the painting is actually called 'Die Freundinnen (zerstört)' which in German translates to 'The friends (destroyed)'.
To show my appreciation for my fans this painting has been put on fan special. 'Two Birds' is normally $85 and has been reduced to $65 for Facebook fans. You can purchase this painting using PayPal or Bank Transfer.  It you are interested please contact me via email or Facebook message and I will send you the details.

3. NEW PAINTING: 'The Persimmon King'

This little painting was started a while ago and placed aside as I was busy working on other paintings. It originally was a much bigger painting containing two birds and a nest of treasure.  I did something daring and took a saw to it,cutting the image in two. I then added a little doilie cape and persimmon crown on the bird and popped him on top of a ruler. The other half of the original painting will be worked on and uploaded at a later date (when finished).

As a special introductory offer for Facebook Fans, this painting.  'The Persimmon King' is only $85 until the end of June.   If you are interested in purchasing this painting or any others, please contact me via email or Facebook message and I will send you the details of payment.

OLD PAINTING: 'Red Flowers and Wax Seal'

This painting was inspired by a red Geranium from the garden, it was from the same plant as the bunch that is now sitting on my studio desk.  'Red Flower and Wax Seal'  is part of a larger body of work called 'Flowers and Found Objects'.  

Like the other paintings showcased here, you can purchase this painting off my Facebook fan page by contacting me through emaill or Facebook message.

Do you have a favorite colour? And is it red?

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