Friday, June 4, 2010

How to mount a painting on board


This is the process I go through to back a painting on board ready to hang on a wall.

 Equipment required: 

  -  Mitre Box
  -  Saw
  -  Pine strip of wood
  -  Pencil
  -  Sand paper
  -  Wood glue
  -  Modeling compound (artist quality)
  -  plastic/cardboard/business card   
  -  Gesso primer (artist quality) Ruler
  -  Hand drill
  -  2 x D-rings
  -  2 x Screws
  -  Screw driver
  -  Wire 
  -  Needle-nose pliers
  -  Wire cutter
  -  Fine Point Pen (artist quality)

 *Note: Step 9 - Fill corners with modeling compound.

 This particular example shows how I backed 'My Venus' ready to hang for a customer who purchased this painting off Facebook. I back all my artwork on board using this same process if the buyer chooses to have the image mounted with wire and D-rings ready for hanging.

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