Friday, June 18, 2010

DREAM: My week in the studio

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them". - Walt Disney

Five white ceramic letters spelling DREAM sit on a shelf in the studio motivating me to achieve my goals.  I found these looking through an opp shop in my local area and thought they were a perfect addition to my work space.  Also on this shelf is my collection of torn doilies, cookie cutter, found leaves and seeds, some boards for painting on and one of my paintings called 'Bougainvillea Winged Bird on Ruler'.

2 & 4.
I've gone back to using Acrylic paint, and have put away my oils for now.  I use many different brands of Acrylic, you can find out more information about my paint preferences by clicking on the 'Equipment' tab on this page.  In the background of photo 2. 'Bird in Red Dress' sits on my easel.  This painting is up for live auction on my Facebook fan page.  There is no reserve and free postage to fans in Australia.

My easel overlooks the ceramic letters DREAM, this is a constant visual reminder to follow my dreams. A few paintings, some I am working on and some that I have finished, sit on my easel, from left to right they are: 'untitled', 'untitled', 'Dragon Fly, Button and Doily', 'La Passion' and 'Bird in Red Dress'.  The painting 'La Passion' is still up for live auction through my Facebook fan page until next Wednesday.

5 & 7.
This week I have been mounting/backing my works on boards for upcoming exhibitions and competitions. I ran out of equipment half way through, so off to Bunnings I went to get some supplies.  These are the D-Rings, Wire (photo 5) and wood (photo 7) that I purchased. 

6 & 8.
These two photos shows part of the process I'm currently going through to back my work ready to hang.  For the full process click on the 'How To' tab on the top of this page.  In the background of photo 8 are my 'Owls', these are pen and ink drawings which I completed in early 2009, when I first moved into my studio and began painting full time.


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