Friday, October 5, 2012

Where to start?...

It's been too long (several months I think) since my last post, do you still remember me?  All my friends in blog land have been on my mind the past few months, I've been reading your post via Google Reader using the Flipboard app, (just been silently observing for the most part). But it's now time to come and join back in the blogging community and participate in Paint Party Friday once again.  I've finally got it together enough to do a post and I was not going to let another week pass by without touching base. A lot has happened recently, so I do not know where to begin...  I've been on two wonderful overseas trips in which I was inspired by so many different people, the environment and artists.  I've also had some time in the studio and things are getting pretty much back into routine, I am branching out in a new direction, or broadening my expertise, to say it a better way.  So here's a quick look at some of the highlights from the last few months, in chronological order:

Laguna Beach visit and then...

...some gallery hopping.

 A visit to the Boston Museum...

home of some amazing Sargents!

And a walk (or many) in the Gardens at Boston.

Attending a beautiful wedding.

Home with just enough time to finish this commission.

A visit to the main gallery in Croatia

 to see Vlaho Bukovac paintings and

lots of relaxing by the water.

Attending another very beautiful wedding.

Home again, painted the sweet Rosie (SOLD)

And then painted this local beach scene,
finished today.

So now you are all up to speed :)  
I hope to be more regular with my posts in future.

Happy Weekend All! 

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  1. love all your photos! I can tell a lot has been going on. That beach scene is quite evocative, and especially love the soft edges on the children.

    1. Thanks Alicia, It's great to be back posting.

  2. What beautiful work, love the children.

  3. Wow! Rosie is just the most adorable sweet girl I've seen. Love her! Gorgeous photos as well. :) Looks like you were having fun traveling.

  4. wow you have been globe trotting and managed some great artwork in between. Good to see you back. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. Great summer images, seems you had a wonderful summer... and beautiful paintings! HPPF!

  6. Wow is right ~ What a delightful summer and art in between ~ love the beach scene and the portraits are adorable ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  7. You have been one busy woman. It's nice to see you back, and all the new paintings are wonderful. You really have a gift for painting children.

  8. Wow, no wonder we haven't seen you - you have had a full plate. Lovely paintings. Sweet Rosie is gorgeous as is the beach scene. Glad to see you here again. Happy PPF

  9. Tracey, all these works are just fab. I love the little girl Rosie. I also am enamored with the redhead child. Beautiful works.

  10. Your trips look great!
    And your portrait paintings are amazing!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  11. I've seen your work progressing on Facebook. Good to see you back here this week. Your beach scene is stunning, and your trips look like they've been wonderful.

  12. OMG! You've been on tour. I'm jealous! Next time, can I come along? :) Love, love, your painting! It's beautiful! HPPF!

  13. All your work is SOOOO beautiful! Looks like an adventurous time was had! An artists dream maybe! You are not forgotten! Welcome back! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. Hey Tracey - I love your beautiful paintings and you trips sound amazing - I am so envious!! Glad your back in blog land x

  15. welcome back! of course, we remember you. i've missed seeing your beautiful paintings. it looks like you have had some great adventures. looking forward to seeing more!

  16. Nice article. I think it was a nice post. Thanks for share with us.

  17. My goodness Trace, you really did have two big trips and two weddings, wow. The old art is beautiful, they really knew how to paint in the old days. Your paintings are fabulous, I love the little girl with the bird. Great to have you back.

  18. Sooo wonderful! =) Can I ask you how long time do you use to paint this one? I do love them! :)

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