Monday, July 9, 2012

High Value Painting

Today I have continued working on a painting with really bright colours and a high key value, (mostly lights). To demonstrate to you what I mean, I've desaturated the painting to a grey scale to show you the values of each colour. Though it's quite a colourful piece, the value of the colours are very close to each other (except for the reds - which are darker). 

I often pick reference photos that have a strong contrast in light and dark, as painting light intrigues me and the high contrast emphasises the lighting, however when I saw this photo of a friend's daughter, I was fascinated by the intense colours and the beautiful expression. I just knew I had to paint her!

There is still a fair whack to go on this painting, lots of finding and losing edges and tweaking the values and colour temps., but I'm very happy with how the painting is being built up and I'm enjoying the challenge of working on this high value painting.

Until next post, Happy Creating!

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  1. It's great to see this as a work in progress, and the desaturation of the colour really helps to see the values! Thanks and keep up the good work!! :)

    1. Lately Jaz, I often desaturated photos of my paintings and the source material to compare values during the painting process, I find it very helpful.

  2. I love this- definitely going to be your newest masterpiece! LOVE the purples and reds and that high streak of white along her cheek- gorgeous-ness!

  3. Love the bright colours,I'm always drawn to them. I am interested in the way you desaturate and how it helps. Will have to have a closer look when the school hols are over and I can spend more time studying your picture. Beautiful little subject too.