Saturday, June 23, 2012

STUDIO UPDATE: Winners and losing and finding it.

Firstly there are a few winners I'd like to announce before I get into my Paint Party Friday post about losing and finding edges. I know it's no longer Friday here in Australia, but it's Friday somewhere right?  Any hoo...

*GIANT BIG DRUM ROLL* to set the mood.

The winner of the 1400 Fan Giveaway (for Facebook Fans) has been drawn.

This painting is on it's way to you!

The votes are in for this month's Monthly Painters Challenge Peoples Choice Award 

Rene's painting is wonderful don't you think? What a well deserved win!

This week I've had the pleasure of watching Scott Burdick's videos on 'The Basics of Color' and 'The Secrets of Drawing'.  There are so many wonderful gems he drops all through both videos, and one of them is about finding and losing edges to create form and not being afraid to wipe off or redetermine parts of the image. I took copious amounts of notes and I will be going back and visiting both the notes and videos again as they are jam packed with goodies.

I gave myself the self-imposed deadline of finishing my 'Luke and Puppy' painting by the end of the work week (yesterday), though I did not quite make it (as I'm not 100% happy with the hand and the area to under the left arm)  I am getting pretty close.  Aim high, isn't that what they say?

I stood up to paint in the last few sittings, which allowed me to get back from the piece and see the over all effect of the painting and access the relationships better. The brush work on both the puppy and Luke's face I'm very happy with, the form is convincing, the hand and the lower shirt/fur is the bit that I could not mold correctly and finalise. There was a lot of push and pull with this area, I would put paint on to determine form and then soften it to lose the edge only to find it again. The little pinky was shortened in this sitting as I had drawn it too long.  Perhaps it will only need a few more brush strokes...


I'm painting Luke with his Little Miracles Puppy to raise awareness and money for Mater Little Miracles. This painting will be auctioned on Facebook on completion with all proceeds going to the Mater Foundation. To read Luke's touching story and learn more about Mater Little Miracles visit the Mater Foundation website here:

Happy Creating all!

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  1. I LOVE the expression in Luke's eyes. Great job!

  2. Wonderful painting, very expressive, touching and beautifully executed.

  3. Everything on your blog, (including the winners) is stellar!! Wonderful artwork!!

    Hugs Giggles

  4. i love this painting. his face is perfect. i wouldn't have noticed his hand because my eyes are just so drawn to his face. happy PPF and thank you for sharing,
    hugs, peggy aplSEEDS

  5. Love his expression and all the subtle colors and textures in his stuffed dog. :)
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  6. Your luke painting is so precious. His eyes say so much.
    Amazing to me how much you work on a piece, but the efforts do pay off don't they?

    Congrats to the others for their prize winning pieces too.

    HPPF on Saturday!

  7. A really wonderful painting full of a boys love for his "stuffed" puppy.