Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Meet Alli Ellacott

Who is Alli Ellacott ?
I am a thinker, a mother, an artist, a partner, a friend , a woman and a strong yet vulnerable human being. My passion is art and creating, seeing differently and loving every aspect the world has to offer. I believe in white on white and seeing every different shade of green there is in a trees foliage. I try to notice something new in the everyday and appreciate reading and the joys of information at our fingertips via technology. I love to connect with people and believe it to be an extremely important part of human nature.

In Six Words Describe Your Practice?
organized chaos
difficult pleasure

How Long Have You Been Creating and How Did You Get Started?
I have been creating since forever. During primary school I entered many local shows including the Brisbane Ekka and won many places ( including 1st for a watercolour at the Brisbane Show ), which was great for my confidence and at that time the prize money was making me rich :) I continued through high school and then joined the Centre of Artistic Development through Cairns High and moved up north. I won The Ministers Award in 1999 and continue to study and work although I have not enetered any kind of show for some years now. I sell and produce art as a way of life which is unthinkable to stop doing. I don't remember how I started ..... it really has been something I have done since I could pick up pencils and I don't remember ever not doodling , painting , creating.....

Where Do You Find Inspiration For Your Work?
I find inspiration from so many places, I suppose the number one place is the big wide world that I've found myself in. The culture and diversity and simple things around me, other artists and other people ( I'm a huge fan of people watching ) My own ideas and old journals which I go back to and rehash something from years ago...see it differently or realise just how I want to communicate an idea I struggled with when it was just a doodle and some notes.....

Who Are The People That Influence and Inspire You?
Again , so many and from my whole life, and each day I find someone else who is remarkable and inspirational. Obviously artist in all genres and different movements throughout the years , especially I have always had a love for Surrealism, and modern artist , a definite favourite would be Vernon Ah Khee and Ben Quilty and Jasper Johns and and and......Really to start naming could be crazy. I also find inspiration from those who get up despite apparent hardships and really give life a winning go, pretty hard to not find inspiration there :)

What Has Been The Highlight For You Over The Past Year?
Last year was quite slow artistically, I worked a lot in the good old real world of bills and earning cold hard cash, but always continue working on artworks. I joined the Monthly Painters which has been a really rewarding experience , for the fresh ideas and connections with some amazing artists, and also the challenge of meeting a deadline - procrastination tends to dissipate when you have a time limit :) I started my own blog , which I must update more regularly and included artworks in the Papergirl Project where artworks were handed out around Brisbane via White Canvas Gallery.

What are Your Experiences being Involved in MPC ?
I have completely enjoyed the whole experience. The different way each member portrays and interprets a subject is fascinating to me. The different approach in media and the differences in styles and being supported by like minded folk is really important. I enjoy having a subject given , makes you step back out whatever little square you were in and think about a different subject, which I really love. It really has been a challenge at times , in a good way, and I feel it really is helping me to grow and try new things which is vital in creating.

Where To Next ? Whats On The Horizon?
I will continue my own projects and have a few commissions I'm working on also. I have also enrolled in a Commercial Art course since paying rent and eating are unavoidable I choose to develop a paid career that I enjoy doing, while waiting to become as well known as Picasso :)

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  1. Lovely art work and great interview. I especially liked how you included the vulnerable in your self description....a trait we often deny, deny, deny!

  2. thankyou , :) , i'm glad you enjoyed the interview....i guess the arts especially is one where you expose yourself to public , sometimes deliberatley to make a point and sometimes just because its something that happens part and parcel to a visual story / observation :)