Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Workdesk Wednesday: A second life..

... for my brushes. I don't know about you, but I'm often leaving my brushes in turps for weeks {uh hum...months} on end, not the best practice, so today I finally took the time to give them a clean and freshen up! Here's what my brushes looked like before:

These brushes {I have others} are not in the best of shape, but what can one expect from months of sitting in turps. Even after a quick clean with turps, followed by a lather of Davinci Soap and water, they still needed a little more attention. 


I use synthetic taklon brushes for the most part these days, I have tried many different hair types, shapes and sizes and seem to settle back on the taklons. To reshape the synthetic brushes back to near original shape, I immerse them in a jar of hot water, it seems to work quite well. 

SOME LOCAL WEATHER NEWS: Here is Brisbane, Australia, we have been experiencing intense rain {great for staying indoors!}. The continuous rain has caused some areas to experience flush flooding. Tomorrow being Australia Day, the weather is not coming to the party this year, how un-Australian. It's forecast to rain all week, no BBQ's or outdoor fun for the Queensland folk. 

I'm not sure if it's been the big change in weather or it's about time it was my turn, but I've been fighting a cold the last several days, so painting has been a bit slower than usual. Despite the struggle and lack of energy, I did manage to work some more on the painting above, it's coming along nicely and I'm looking forward to spending more time on it.

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  1. Shame the rain stopped play for the Aussies (to use a cricketing term!), I've heard about the flash floods in the mountains in Shaz. Don't you have a lot of brushes? I always remember the last week of school in art class we had to do jobs like that, I would stink of turps for days! Love the new painting, it has a very Fall look to it.

    Brenda 99

    1. Where's Shaz?

      I have plenty of brushes, I'll have to share photos in another post.

      When you reach for a brush only to put it back in the turpentine, and you do it several times before finding one to use, then you know it's time to clean them. Really I should do it daily, I was for a while there, then old habits came back.

      I use ourderless solvent, doesn't smell up the place.

  2. Good on you for sorting those brushes. Hope the rain eases off. Thanks for sharing. Zo xx 83

  3. What is it about a bunch of brushes that just makes me very happy?

  4. Too bad rain will dampen the BBQ's. It is amazing how awful a brush can look, but then with cleaning and care it is as good as new. Painting is looking good.

  5. Fabulous painting in progress, and the brushes look happy! Have a happy WOYWW and a busy creative week

  6. I truly love your work. It's so tempting to leave the brush in a solution. I have to push myself to clean up too.
    Jenn from, hopping from WOYWW

  7. well used brushes, they have character!

  8. I don't do much with brushes but thanks for the tip on how to reshape them! To me nothing screams "artist" more than a container of soaking brushes.

  9. Oh hope that the weather does improve, Have a great week Lou #82

  10. Shaz is east of the great dividing range, another Queenslander I think? Check her out
    Am enjoying your tussle with the brushes, doesn't steeping them in anything for too long make the glue around the ferrule weak? I can't tell you the number of times I've been painting something and the #*+#*** brush has fallen apart! Probably because I don't do real art and am cheap with brushes!!

  11. Wow....a whole new life for those brushes...and they look pretty beautiful after the transformation don't they?