Thursday, January 5, 2012

Palette & Paint #7

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/New Year break and that you all had a restful time with loved ones.  Over Christmas/New Year this year, I actually took some time off painting (and blogging) and had a proper break. It was lovely. I was keen to get back into a routine though and pick up the brush again. I'll share what I'm working on soon, but before then, here's a recap on the last P&P.


P&P #6 Melissa
Melisa                                                                                               PIN IT

P&P #6 Marcia
Marcia                                                                                               PIN IT

P&P #6 Ellie
Ellie                                                                                               PIN IT

P&P #6 Tracey
Tracey                                                                                               PIN IT

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It's was so inspiring to log on to the blog yesterday and see what other artist have been working on. I enjoy seeing your palettes and paintings so much, thanks for sharing! Please pop on over to each artists' blog post and read more about their works, it's well worth it.

Now it's your turn...

 If you are NEW please read about the P&P Blog Party before linking.


  1. Oops, I didn't realize you'd be posting pictures of our art on your Flickr page. And the Flickr photos don't even link back to our own blogs. I should have paid more attention to the details before joining in.

  2. Melissa, I post a photo of each artist's painting and palette submitted onto Facebook, Flickr and Pinterest to gain exposure for each artist and their blog. The photos link back to the blog post about P&P and from there viewers can go to each artists' post. I will add a link back under the photos on other sites also, for ease of navigating to the artist blogs. If you would like me to delete your submission, please let me know. I apologise for the misunderstanding. Tracey.

  3. I wish you an Happy New Year Tracey!!!

  4. Thanks for showing my artwork! been a busy couple of weeks, I'll pop back in another time to show what I've been doing.

  5. Hello Tracey,
    Can you tell me if I am well register for next week at palette and paint. I can't see it from my computer. Thank you!