Thursday, December 1, 2011

A video of me painting.

I thought I'd summit this weeks Palette & Paint in the form of video to give you all a little peak at how I actually create my paintings. Below is a quick painting session I filmed this afternoon before I had to rush off to Wynnum Uplate.  I hope you Enjoy.

This is the second video I've taken on the iPhone of me painting {here's the first one I ever did}. You may have noticed, I mix up the basic colours I'm going to use before I start, in light, dark and mid tones using a brush {I know, some people think that's a no, no, but that's the way I do it! }. Here's my palette from the video, I've numbered and listed the colours just in case you would like to try something like this yourself. Oh, I'm using OILS!

1. Tit. White | 2. Yellow Ochre | 3. Cad. Red Light | 4. Burnt Sienna | 5. Raw Sienna
6. Burnt Umber | 7. Burnt Sienna | 8. Phthalo Green | 9. Naples Yellow | 10. Cad.
Orange 11. Cad. Yel. Lt. | 12. Perm. Rose | 13.Cad. Yellow  | 14. Smooth Gel 
 15. Liquin

Now it's your turn...

Show us your paintings from this week and what you've used to create them!

I'm changing it up a bit...

You have until Wed. 5pm AEST to submit your entry for this week. 
Every Thursday there will be a weekly showcase of the previous weeks entries.


  1. Ooo what a treat to watch you paint....wish I could do that :) Magic!!!

  2. I admire the organization of your palette Tracey! Thank you for sharing :)