Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pin-ter-vention: Oven Baked Goodness

I'm a big fan of Pinterest, as many of my loyal followers would know, I use it for art inspiration, craft ideas and healthy recipes. Last week I got addicted to making KFC Style Oven Baked Chicken and Oven Roast Veggies, I prepared the meal 3 times and it was a BIG HIT! Here are the pins I got the recipes from:

And here is how I made it (the third time):

As you can see, I adapted the Broccoli recipe and added other veggies.
Here's what I did:

Best Ever
{Oven Roast Veggies}
 adapted from The Amateur Gourmet's The Best Broccoli of Your Life

1. Cut veggies.
Green Beans, Carrots, and Capsicum into thin strips.
Broccoli and Cauliflower into large pieces.

2. Thinly slice 3-4 garlic cloves:
Place 1T Olive Oil onto cooking tray,
add veggies, garlic, salt and pepper, then mix to coat all veggies.

3. Place in Preheated oven ( 200.c) for 20-30 mins until veggies are cooked, turning occasionally.

4. Mix dressing:
juice and zest of 1 lemon, 1/3 cup of freshly grated Parmesan cheese. 2 Tbs julienned fresh basil.
{Parmesan can be omitted}

5. Once veggies are cooked place in serving bowl and toss through dressing.


I also adapted the Chicken Recipe to make it healthier.
{even though it was pretty healthy as it was}
If you're keen to see how I made the Tastes Like KFC Chicken see this blog post.

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This bread {well at least a bread inspired by this pin} is almost ready to go in the oven.  The bread from the above meal, was purchased, but wouldn't it be nice to make the whole meal {above} from scratch? I can never get bread right, any advice would be helpful. I'll let you know how it turns out next week. Wish me luck with this recipe.

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  1. Here's how it came out, if you can't wait until next week :)


  2. oh that is it!!! I have to get in on the pinning!!!! these look amazing Tracey!!!!

  3. yep. that chicken looks amazing. on my menu for next week. thanks for sharing :)

  4. I have GOT to make that chicken!!! And those veggies look so good!

  5. It's amazing Chicken!

    @ Diana - You so have to start pinning, but be warned it's addictive and you have be disciplined other wise you'll have no time to create.