Thursday, November 17, 2011

Palette & Paint # 1

Welcome to the first week of Palette & Paint. This is going to be fun! Are you ready?

Let's get the Party started!  I'll share first. At the moment I'm using oil paints with fast drying mediums {Liquin and Smooth Gel}. Above is my palette before I cleaned it and one of the paintings that was painted from that very messy, but lush looking palette in the background.  I was going to put the below palette in the background because that's what my palette looks like at the moment...

...but it's just not that visually exciting. So What you see laid out above is the fresh paint from my precious palette {I use a disposable palette for ease of cleaning} it so happens that most of the fresh colours are flesh tones. Below is a photograph of the Skin Tone Recipe I use for most of my figures. It comes from a 'Color Mixing Recipe for Portraits' book.  It has recipes not only for skin tones, but for hair, eyes and also outlines painting lips, ears and noses. Portrait artists reading this, it's worth looking at this book! {I do omit the black from the skin tone palette, as I don't like to use it in my paintings}.

Now it's your turn...

P&P is about sharing your palette and the paint/s you are using each Thursday {you can show us the Painting/s you have created too!}.  It doesn't matter what medium you use, it could be oil, Acrylic, watercolour, coloured pencils or ink... all you need to do is write a blog post and then come back and share your link with all of us...make sure you link back to P&P in your post so everyone knows where to come... Happy P&P!


  1. What a great idea- Paint and Palette indeed- LOVE it! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your girl & octopus- what a cool idea! I especially like the way one of his tentacles mingles with her hair- for a moment, I thought you'd given *her* tentacles too! I'll definitely try to come back and link with this later today!

  2. Stephanie, thanks for embracing P&P and for the lovely comment about my painting. I'm heading over to check out your Palette!

  3. What a fun idea! I just saw this over at Stephanie's blog...I'd love to play sometime soon.

  4. I'd love to see what you use to create your artwork Maggie and look foward to you joining in. Xx

  5. Great idea for a linkup! I'll try to participate next week. I posted a painting this week but didn't photograph my palette.

  6. Cool Mellisa, I'd love to see your palette some time soon!