Wednesday, October 19, 2011


On Saturday the Monthly Painters Challenge (MPC) artists revealed their amazing images and the top secret topic over on their Facebook page. This month the quality of the work was very high and I was so impressed watching them all flood in! A big pat on the back to all who participated, you did wonderful work. Below is my submission, I will talk about it in depth a little later in the week.

Tracey Potter   'At the Dinner Table'

On the 16th of each month the artists participating get told the topic {which is chosen by a member of the group, we each take turns} and they work away on their pieces without discussing how they are going to interpret the topic with the public or the other artists. So come the 15th of each month it's a big celebration as the artists uploads their artwork and everyone oohs and ahs over the talent and the creativity at which each artists portrays the topic.

This month Alice Jones from Niceties chose the topic and boy was it a challenge! As artist we usually paint positive and happy things, things we like, so faced with the topic of DISLIKE most of the MPC artists found it difficult to come up with an idea to present and really struggled with this topic. For me it wasn't until the last week that I finally figured out what to paint. I'm so glad that Alice picked such a challenging topic, after all, that is why I put together the group to challenge ones way of looking at things. Under normal circumstances I don't think I would have ever painted what I did, and I'm so glad I did, so thanks Alice!  Below are all the submission for Dislike. If an artwork interest you, please pop on over to the artist's blog and read more about their work and leave them a comment, they would love to hear your thoughts.

Alice Jones 'Cinders'    {Read More}

 Tracey Fletcher King 'Chilli Peppers - Red Hot or otherwise'    {Read More

 Cathryn Backer 'I...Dislike...My Fears'    {Read More}

Jaz Higgins  'You Say Tomato, I Say No Thanks'  {Read More}

Louisa Jane 'Dislike: Incompletion'  {Read More}

Sarah Wiske 'When Whales Fly'

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