Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Goodbye 10kgs!

11 weeks ago I made the commitment to adjust my lifestyle, lose some weight, eat healthy and exercise regularly. I was sick of the weight slowly creeping on, so I said to myself 'enough is enough!'  and I enlisted the help of a weight management consultant who would weigh and measure me weekly to track my progress {to act as someone I was accountable to} and give me advice and a specialized eating and exercise plan. So 11 weeks down the track and I'm happy to announce that I've lost 10.3 kgs {or 10 rice bags for those who have been following my progress reports and know the analogy}.

 10 Bags of Rice down, 30 to go!

I even have a certificate to
prove it, how cool is that?!

I have set myself the goal of losing 1kg a week and each month {or 4 weeks} I have a little mile stone to access that goal and make sure I'm on track. I really want to reach my 12kgs in 12 weeks mini goal, which is next week. In order to do it, I need to lose 1.7 kg this week, which is totally doable if I put my mind to it, as I lost 1.3kgs this week. Wish me determintation and motivation!

Tracey xx


  1. Fantastic Tracey! You should be very proud! That is a real achievement <3

  2. Big congrats! That's an accomplishment you must be really proud of - I'm having my own "Lean for Life" journey myself and am just starting to lose. It feels great.

  3. It does feel fantastic to be nourishing the body, mind and soul and getting slimmer as a result. I've still got a lot to lose, but I'm happy to have reached this milestone. Congrats yourself Geri, it does feel awesome doesnt it?