Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4 More Rice Bags gone!

'What am I talking about?' I'll tell you, when I started my Amcal weight management program and had lost 2kg, a good friend of mine's daughter pointed out that that's like losing 2 bags of rice, so ever since I have thought of it like that, and used the visual aid of bags of rice to think about my achievements and inspire me to lose more weight and get fitter. Imagine the energy it takes to carry 40kg's of rice around all day long? It's a lot, and I'm slowly working towards ditching that extra weight, one bag each week.

Today marks two month into my weight management journey. So far I have lost 8.1kg. I'm feeling so much better for damping those 8 rice bags. I know some of my readers struggle with their own weight/health/fitness too, and I wanted to share this great post from Pinterest with you. It sums up all the advise I'd give to anyone wanting to lose a little or a lot of weight and get fit and healthy.

We'll it's off to finish making my dinner! Tracey xx

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