Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lethbridge 10000 2011 Winner Announced

Last night's opening at the Lethbrdige Gallery was heaps of fun. The gallery was packed full of people all keen to get a look at the artwork. I managed to squeeze around an have a look at most of the work, but will have to go back again when the gallery is not as crowded to get a better look at some of the pieces.  The show was very impressive and seeing the work in the flesh was wonderful.

I'd like to congratulate all the entrants, the quality of work was amazing. I'd also like to congratulate the gallery for their brilliant job in hanging the show.

Come 7pm we all crammed into the gallery, some people spilling out the door, to listen as Brett Lethbridge told a story before announcing the winner.  He spoke about the origins of the prize and the relevance of the $10,000 CASH.  It was a very touching and personal story which I'm glad I got to hear.

The room went quiet in anticipation of the announcement, and finally we found out that the winner of the Lethbridge Small Scale Art Prize for 2011 was 'Jumper Jumper' by Lucy Bonnin.

Congratulations Lucy!

Jumper Jumper
by Lucy Bonnin
Resin gold leaf paper
Size: 56x56cm

I'd like to thank my family and friends for coming along to celebrate and support me, it was a great night and one that will be etched in my memories forever. I'd also like to thank the gallery for choosing my painting as a finalist, it is an honor to have my work hanging on the Lethbridge Gallery walls.

Happy Weekend!

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