Friday, June 10, 2011

Admiration File: Ethel Carrick and E Phillips Fox

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A couple of weeks ago I went to the latest exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery 'Art, Love and Life: Ethel Carrick and E Phillips Fox' and was blown away by the paintings.  The brushstrokes, colours and light in the paintings on display were so inspiring.  If you are in the Brisbane area I would strongly recommend you see the paintings in the flesh yourself because they are amazing and so painterly! 

'The ‘Art, Love and Life: Ethel Carrick and E. Phillips Fox’ exhibition tells the story of an artistic marriage and partnership, one of the most significant in Australian art. Both were painters of modern life at the turn of the last century, and the exhibition will explore the inflections of life and society in their work, from bustling scenes of markets and beaches, to intimate views of families, women and children'. -

I so want to go and see the show again, it was that Spectacular. 
After seeing the show I wanted to get the book too!
Maybe on my next visit                   

By the book online here:

When I go to an exhibition I often pick a 
favourite piece
  and this one is it.                    

 E Phillips Fox 
Loves me, loves me not c.1909 
Gift of Sir J Winthrop Hackett, 1910 
Collection: Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth 
Photograph: Bo Wong

The work below is a piece by Ethel Carrick Fox that is at Mossgreen.
Click on the image to see more info.  You could buy this one if you have  
$66,797.50 just laying around.

If you are keen to see more images of the show, please head on over to or you can download the free iPhone app, view the exhibition installation on Flickr, watch the opening weekend talks on YouTube or get updates on exhibition programs on Facebook and Twitter.

Happy Weekend All!

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