Sunday, February 20, 2011

This week in the studio

It's just past nine pm and I have not shared with you my week in the studio, so here's what I have been up to.

I had a productive week in the studio, I finished some old paintings, played with Envirotex for the first time, stretched some linen on boards and started a few new paintings! It feels so good to get back into the actual image making side of my art practice, and I am beaming with ideas about direction and new ways to apply paint.

Here are the paintings that I finished and coated with Envirotex.  (Envirotex is a two part resin that dries hard and shinny). They turned out very good for my first try with resin, I had massive fears that it would turn cloudy or ruin my painting. There are a few air bubbles here and there, which I was told could be removed on smaller projects by exhaling on them while the resin was still wet, it did not seem to work.  Next time I will be prepared and get a small BBQ flame starter to remove all the bubbles.

I had some left over resin so I coated an older painting too. Below is a photo of it before it's been coated. I will get an image of it coated for you next week, very happy with the resin job on this one!


Below is what is on my easel at the moment. The top four surfaces are boards that have been stretched with Linen, and the bottom four are just plain board that has been sealed and primed. I'm in-visioning crackling medium, bees wax and delicate layering, flowers, doilies and also incorporating other animals too, This is just the beginning. For my smaller works, I work on one painting at a time, but for these larger pieces I will be working on several and building them up all at together.

Next week is going to fun!

I hope everyone had a productive and happy week/weekend!

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