Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother and child, a reoccurring subject in art history.

 Throughout the history of art, the bond between Mother and Child has been a reoccurring subject, and one that has slowly crept into my imagery.

Gustav Klimt's painting titled 'Mother and Child' is one of my favorite artworks which depict this theme. I painted my own version of Klimt's painting, substituting the human characters for birds.  

My painting 'Mother and Child' was purchased by Maxine Stibbe' as a gift for her mother.  Like myself, Maxine is also an artist, she has portrayed the bond between mother and child in a recent self portrait of herself and her children.

Painting by MAXINE STIBBE' click here for more details

Here are some of my favorite images that depict 'Mother and Child'.

Do you have a favorite artwork depicting the bond between 'Mother and Child'?

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  1. Ooh, what a yummy post Tracey!
    I love how you've exlpored the mother/child thing through so many different artists' eyes ~ so great to see them all showcased together.
    Thanks so much for popping mmy blog and leaving comments!
    C x