Thursday, May 31, 2012

Palette & Paint # 28

Last week I asked what you thought of P&P's future and whether or not to continue the party.  I got no response for or against the idea, so sadly I've decided that it would be best to fade out the party over the coming weeks.  It has been fun, and lots of amazing artists have shared with the party and I'd like to thank you all for playing along.

Below are the blog party participants from last week.  Click on the images or the name to visit each artist's blog post.

If you would like to play along this week, please leave a link to your post in the comments.

You can check out past entries here: Flickr | Facebook| Pinterest

Happy Creating - Tracey.

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  1. uh oh, i missed it for a few weeks and just made a post today as I didn't realize you were thinking of quitting... I have an entry for today anyway, just so you know I was thinking of you...

    Sorry this was the last!

    1. Andrea, Thanks for thinking of me and playing along this week.

      I started the P&P blog party with the intent to give something back to the blog community and to provide a space to generate interest and a dialogue between artists about what they use to create their works. I've been very happy with the quality of entries and have enjoyed getting to know all the regular participants, so it has sadden me too that as a result of luck of comments from the question I put forward last week about what the participants see in the future for P&P that it will not be continuing. That being said, if there is enough interest, there is a possibility that I will continue the party, as this blog party is for the benefit of artists in the blogging community.

    2. I wish i had enough pull in the blogging community to get people involved but i don't have enough followers, hopefully people will come around, sometimes there are just soooo many challenges and sites to see that you forget about even the really good ones for awhile! I have loved seeing all the palettes even when i haven't gotten around to playing along.

    3. Thanks! It is hard to often gauge just how many people are enjoying the party, when they are not commenting, so it's great to know that you are.

      There are some really great blog parties out there, and I too fall into the trap of playing along one week and not the next and seeing things I like and not leaving comments. I understand how it is.

      We'll see how the party goes in the next few weeks and if there are more people who speak up, like yourself, then it will continue. Ending the party is not a decision I have made lightly, as I do enjoy the party too.

  2. What a shame you are stopping this, I enjoyed looking each week.

    1. Von,

      If there is enough interest to keep it going, I will. Because I enjoy looking each week too.

      Oh I saw your work at The Collective Store this week, well done!