Thursday, April 5, 2012

PALETTE & PAINT: Seeing Value in Colour

I've been doing color mixing exercisers from the 'Painting the Head in Oil' book, and can I say just how beneficial this has been, EXTREMELY, as I'm now seeing the value of a color before I put it up against the tonal chart to compare, and I'm only halfway through the exercise!

That big frame on the box easel is actually my palette. The colors are laid out at the start of a session in a pre determined order. The empty squares on the palette in the second row are for Sanden's Pro-mix portrait colours.  I mixed up two of them last week in bulk and am keeping them in jars (with a smear of Oil of Cloves in the lid- which seems to be working well). So after this exercise is over, I'll be going back to pre mixing the rest of the colors and doing more color mixing exercises using Sanden's portrait colors.

Oh, I've also deemed the hen painting finished :) It sat in the studio for a few weeks, untouched, and then I just looked at her one day and thought she's done. I'm linking with Palette & Paint (P&P), it's our 20th party, if you'd like to join in please do, just snap a photo of your palette and paint (and your paintings too) and link up here.

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  1. She is done!!! And so beautifully! The colours and shading on her face are wonderful. I love her skirt!!
    Happy Easter.

  2. Love your beautiful painting Tracey!

  3. This is lovely :) love how you have brought this picture to life :)good luck with candy entry too and best wishes, Nelly x

  4. Oh, I am so interested to see your progress here. I got that book because of you and finding it here on your site through PPF. I have gotten a little stalled with the color mixing so I am happy to see you moving forward. Its great inspiration for me. Its a little more difficult for me with encaustic but I haven't given up yet

    1. Marji, I have done some more colour mixing from the book, actually doing it, you learn a lot in the process, I grasped the concepts when I was reading it, and almost thought I'd skip physically mixing the paint, but I've learnt so much from looking at what different combinations of paint do when mixed together. I'm glad I have perceived. I can imagine it would be more difficult with encaustic. I've played with that media, stunning results and a beautiful quality, but a very difficult medium to use. GOOD LUCK.