Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Working up a Painting.

This morning when I woke up, with fresh eyes, I could see so many little things I wanted to change with the 'Girl and Her Bunny' painting I did the previous day. Most noticeably,  the green and brown colors in her skin - which were the under painting I did to establish form - was making her look sick, even with flesh colors added, she is still looking rather sickly and slightly scary. She will need more tweaking in her skin tones, hair shape and facial features before I can call it finished. I'm very happy with how her hand is coming up, I'm being careful not to over work it.

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  1. I always think it's a privilege to be able to watch other artists' thought processes while they are working. Thank you for sharing as you go, I know from my own experience it's not always easy! This one is coming along beautifully- her hand is perfect, and you've mastered the comp.
    This is going to be so wonderful hen you're done- can't wait!

  2. I took a look at her this morning and cringed, she looked evil (due to her asymmetrical face). Seeing that she still needs much work to look pretty and innocent, I do often question why I share my work at the ugly progress stage.

    My paintings usually evolve and change as I work out the small subtleties in the facial features, tones and what I want the image to say. For me it's a constant push and pull of paint, and each step is important as it gets me closer to somewhere that I'm happy with.

    Thanks for the lovely comment about her hand and the comp.