Friday, February 17, 2012

Palette & Paint: Painting Leaves in the Garden

This afternoon I've been working on my 'Leaves in the Garden' painting in the shade out in the  garden, rather fitting, don't you think? The weather has been really good lately and it's been nice to be outdoors.

I snapped a photo of my Palette & Painting before I started today, so I can share with you what it would of looked like yesterday - when I should of taken the photo - but being the host to the party, organising some new boards to paint on, catching up with some good friends and attending to personal matters, I just did not get there...

... I'm a little behind schedule, but I will share with you soon the finished painting and the step by step photos I took along the way, in the meantime, why not pop on over to the other party goers' blogs and see what they have been up to:


  1. Look at her little face - beautiful.

  2. It was so beautiful to see it in life... just lovely...xx

  3. She is gorgeous! I love her cheeky eyes. It would be so nice to paint out in the garden (if I had one). Rather late getting around to commenting on Palette & Paint this week